Rim’s Deli

Our customers love our locally-owned and operated retailers and restaurants. We thought you’d like to know what makes them so special.

Owner Names:

David and Gayle Trowbridge

How long have you been in business?

Rim’s Deli has been in business since 1986; David and Gayle purchased the restaurant in 2009.


Madison Marketplace, Fair Oaks, California
Phone: 916-966-7707

How many locations do you have?


Their Story

“David knows all his regulars by name and knows most orders by memory. Some customers have their orders ready and waiting for them to arrive. Rims Deli has become friends with the community and the community has become friends with Rim’s Deli. We celebrate some of our regular’s birthdays and they celebrate ours… I guess if I had to sum it up to 4 words, they would be Friendships, Loyalty, Family, and David. I guess that’s what makes us unique.” – Gayle Trowbridge